India Bengal Presidency One Pice - Small Variety Copper Coin

Bengal Presidency


India Bengal Presidency

One Pice - Small Variety

Shah Alam II Badhsah Inscription on Obverse

Copper Coin

With Bengali and Urdu inscriptions

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The East India Company established its first factory in the Bengal region in 1633. Several factories were established in Orissa, Bengal and Bihar, and initialy they were all administered from Madras. In 1698, the Company received rights over Calcutta, a fort was constructed there (Fort William), and in 1715 the Bengal Presidency was created. In 1756, contrary to the instructions of the Nawab of Bangal, Siraj ud-Daulah, the Company engaged in a major fortification of the Fort and eventually the Nawab laid seige to it and captured it. Coinage began in June 1757 and, within a couple of weeks, the Battle of Plassey marked the beginning of the creation of the British empire in India.